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WHO YOU EPP????!!!!!! – Naija Celebrity Status and Influence Review by Chuks Asoegwu

WHO YOU EPP????!!!!!! – Naija Celebrity Status and Influence Review by Chuks Asoegwu

“Coming through (in through)…issue (issue)… pounds sterling la wa fi se tissue, married to the game Olorun mi kin sun, f**k my exes I don’t miss you, who you epp? (who you epp?) who you epp?(who you epp?), you don baff? (you don baff), who you serve?…”

Before you think I am trying to do my own cover of Olamide’s viral piece, “Who You Epp?”, let me just state unequivocally that this was the tune playing in my head as at the time I was writing and by the time you’re done reading this, you would understand that it fits the theme of this satirical piece; and quite aptly too I must add.

African-American musician Akon formed an unlikely partnership with oil and gas giants, Shell, to create Africa’s first human and solar-powered football pitch.

Based at Federal College of Education in Lagos, Nigeria, the incredible new football pitch is based around the invention of a young British Engineer – Laurence Kemball-Cook, who uses solar power and the movement of players to power the pitch.

By placing electronic tiles underneath the artificial turf, the movement of the players is converted into power by kinetic energy. It is understood that seven watts of electricity are generated every time a player stands on one of the tiles.

Akon, who spent much of his childhood in the West African country Senegal, joined celebrations in Lagos to officially open the new pitch which has six powerful and low-consuming LED floodlights.

‘It’s brilliant’, said Kusagba Oluwadamilola, an 18-year-old sports student, who plays for the football team at the Federal College of Education.

‘It’s going to be really useful. Until now we couldn’t play at night’, he told AFP”.(Culled from 19/01/2016)

What Akon has done in collaboration with his genius partners has not only changed the face of technological innovation in Africa, it has also pricked the ingenuity and inherent creativity that had been burning in the minds of millions of African young people who have ideas which if implemented appropriately can bring about a tremendous change in the fortunes of this great yet highly underestimated continent.

In today’s Nigeria, especially with the advent of the “change” era, the fortunes of majority of the Nigerian populace have been worsened given the questionable security, almost non-existent power supply, dearth of quality drinking water in a lot of areas in the country not to mention the sickening and highly-discouraging economic climate.

I must say honestly that majority of our celebrities have kept mum to salient and pressing issues or have simply turned a blind eye to them while hob-nobbing with a lot of the same people who rip us off daily with the clandestine hope of bagging endorsements or any other sort of lucrative engagement with such people or parastatals. Only a few are actively employing their influence to drive needed awareness on key issues as well as championing the cause for much needed and tangible change beyond just paparazzi and trends…

From the abducted Chibok girls saga, to the continued misbehaviour of government officials, even down to the issue of the trigger-happy policemen who go on rampage on our streets daily ending lives for the most trivial and insignificant of reasons, the list is just endless.

It would interest you to know that a week after a bloody attack by dreaded terrorist group Al-Qaeda at a beach resort in the Ivory Coast, a group of Ivorians artistes came together to film a music video titled meme pas peur” as a response to the terrorists. Even more interesting is the fact that this music video was shot at the exact scene where the dastardly act was committed. There were also appearances by top Ivorian actors.

I wonder how many Nigerian celebrities would do the same without any intention of wanting to look good in the public eye, showing off or any other sinister hidden agenda.

Imagine if a Wizkid or Davido did a song or initiated some sort of movement to address poor infrastructure and other social problems bedevilling the Western region of the country.

Or imagine if a Phyno or even Kcee ditched his craze for shiny jewelry and multi-coloured attire and did something such as pacifying the Biafra agitators or some other sort of noble cause in the East.

What would it be like if an Ali Nuhu or a Sani Danja came together to address the age-long problem of insecurity largely caused by mass illiteracy in the Northern region of the country.

Or just picture rave of the moment, Mr.Songz, or self-acclaimed Egberipapa 1 of Bayelsa – Timaya putting out a bold statement or doing something significant to discourage the Niger Delta youths from engaging in dangerous and sabotaging acts like oil bunkering, kidnapping or destruction of government infrastructure as a result of the widespread poverty prevalent in those parts.

Now that you have read my thoughts and now know the angle from which I view this issue, I put this question to our celebrities…mbok!…who you epp abeg?!!

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Chuks Asoegwu – a political scientist by degree, Chuxxx is a writer, OAP, event host, lyricist, sports lover and radio junkie. You can connect with him on social media where he shares his “explicit” thoughts on issues spanning across entertainment, sports and politics.

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