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The “SKALES” Have Fallen Off Our Eyes – ShowBiz Review by Chucks Asoegwu

The “SKALES” Have Fallen Off Our Eyes – ShowBiz Review by Chucks Asoegwu

They say the only way to go when you are down is up – well most times that is usually the case. But then sometimes that saying does not always hold true as in the situation of our “celebrity” case study.

I am sure we are all familiar with the term One Hit Wonder, but I am at a loss for what you call an artiste who has just failed to live up to the hype and success brought about by previous efforts.

skales-234centralBorn Raoul John Njeng-Njeng in 1991 in the ancient city of Kaduna, our subject of analogy goes by the stage name, Skales. He is a Nigerian rapper, singer-songwriter and performer.

Skales has recorded over 200 songs and collaborated with numerous artistes including eLDee, Jeremiah Gyang, Banky W and foreign acts like Da LES to mention a few.

After sojourns in Kaduna, Jos and Abuja, he relocated to Lagos after which he penned a record deal with Empire Mates Entertainment co-owned by Banky W and Tunde Demuren in 2009…and don’t we all know how that story ended?

Anyway after being rumoured to have signed a new record deal with Timaya’s Dem Mama Records, Skales signed a deal with Baseline Records. He also established his own record label called OHK Music which he runs concurrently with his Baseline Music deal.

Like a sumptuous meal after a long period of hunger, like water after days or possibly weeks of drought-infested thirst, like the answer to a long-awaited prayer,  Skales finally got his big hit!.

I listened to his interview at a Lagos-based radio station where he premiered this single and I thought it was a bit like the regular heavy beat tunes you hear on our airwaves but by some stroke of luck, miracle, juju or whatever it is that you want to ascribe this phenomenon to, everyone began to Shake Body.

Then came the shows, the wild female fans, the award nominations, and ultimately, the attention Skales so dearly desired.

He followed Shake Body with singles like I am for real, Ijo Ayo, Je Kan Mo, Lo le, and other tracks which he officially put out. Then came Skales’ debut album which he titled Man Of The Year.

Soon came the videos for tracks off the album, and gradually my interest and support for the Kaduna-born artiste began to wane.

Songs like Mujo, Fa ra we mi, Wonder and a few other tracks off his debut LP left me wondering where all the creativity I thought he had went to. His lyrics were too watered down, his delivery became suspect and his versatility which endeared him to a lot of people began to have huge question marks on it as well.

Before you think of me as a hater or just another attention-seeking keyboard warrior, please take a listen to I Want You, whose video happens to be his latest. The first verse of that song had the words, “Go down, all my ladies go down”, repeated about eight times and also severally throughout the song…such astounding and grammy-award-winning creativity!

Skales during an interview talked about a foreign collaboration which he wanted to keep under wraps and not long after, it turned out to be Da LES, the South African rapper and ex-member of the group, Jozi, that Skales had in mind.

Honestly I found the song to be average at most, and the video equally justified my rating of the song itself. Very lazy delivery with a dull instrumental. You could listen to that song this minute and forget it the next. That’s how “brilliant” a song it is.

For an artiste who was given the very same platform, opportunities and leverage as Wizkid, Skakes is really disappointing me and thousands others who believed in his talent. At this rate, he would always remain a C or at most a B-list artiste in the Nigerian music industry.

Like it or not Skales fans, your favourite artiste is gradually been relegated into the doldrums of oblivion that previously characterized his career and if he doesn’t find that fire that brought about Shake body and a few other of his good songs, Skales would just be that artiste that had all the potential in the world and never struck gold with it.

Written by Chuks Asoegwu – a political scientist by degree, Chuxxx is a writer, OAP, event host, lyricist, sports lover and radio junkie. You can connect with him on social media where he shares his “explicit” thoughts on issues spanning across entertainment, sports and politics.

Facebook: Chuks Asoegwu

Twitter: @chuks_ea

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