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The Curse of the Ginjah – Naija Showbiz Review

The Curse of the Ginjah – Naija Showbiz Review

Yes I know it sounds like the title of an 80’s movie, I figure that if it were, it would most likely have Indiana Jones as the lead actor and major protagonist. Anyways, its time to come down from your high horse of “sanity” and let’s bask in the euphoria of this two-minute somewhat-childish imagination.

Imagine Indiana Jones in his old wrinkled dirt and blood-stained costume of fancy boots, gun-to-his-side and trademark cowboy hat scouring through the steep Asian Alps in search of an ancient artifact that would break a mysterious curse that has been plaguing the world for years…okay snap out of it!.

Sadly this is no movie, we are scores past the 80’s and Indiana Jones has nothing to do with this- even though what triggered this article could pass for a comic skit anytime anyday.

The lead character in this episode however is none other than singer, producer and newly-discovered “drunken master” of Nigerian music.

Okay so while I was doing my show prep for a radio show I feature on at a Lagos-based radio station, I had come across a video in which Terry G supposedly slapped a DJ. Overtime I have learnt not to believe everything I see on social media or blogs as it could be just another shameless attempt to get hits on their website so I ignored.

It was when I heard from a reliable source in the industry that Terry G really did slap a DJ at a show recently that I decided to check out the video for myself. And I did. Ladies and gentlemen I watched in total disappointment as Mr.Gingah your swagger slapped a DJ live on stage.

Apparently he was performing at a show organized by a Nigerian comedian, and then our “brother” decided to constitute a nuisance by remaining on stage even when the time allotted  to him had run out. The DJ with no other option decided to spin another tune that didn’t belong to the Akpako Master so that he could get the message that he had overstayed his welcome.

In response, Terry G, obviously drunk and high from all the “native herbs” he smokes on staggered to the DJ’s corner and came in from behind. Oga DJ oblivious of what was about to him (and quite literally probably thought Terry wanted to have a word or two with him only to have a weed-induced slap given to him to by the singer. DJ slumps to the floor… Terry G gets jeered off stage…film haff finish!

It’s bad enough that Terry G has been seemingly invisible on the music scene due to the fact that his lame and crappy recent musical efforts have been unable to replicate half the success that his monster hits Free Madness 1 & 2 and Akpako  attained. It’s even worse when in all attempt to churn out another hit and regain the street credibility he has lost, he now decides to go against one of the major influences of any artiste’s career and the Nigerian music industry in general- the Disc Jockey.

The conspiracy theorists would posit that “they are doing him from his village” because regardless of how you look at it, it doesn’t look good for Terry G; especially now that the DJs are gradually staking their claim and assuming major responsibility in the Nigerian music industry.

I listened to an interview involving one of the famous Nigerian DJs in the country, and he stated that as soon as he heard about the incident involving Terry G and the DJ, he instantly “unfollowed” Terry G on social media.

terryG and Dj Jimmy Jatt-234centralThe DJ during the interview claimed it’s all by-gone now, but I doubt how many members of the Nigerian Disc Jockey Association would be that forgiving. There has also been talk about broadcast messages being sent out among Nigerian DJs to deliberately not play any of Terry G’s music anymore as a result of his actions.

Terry G, in an attempt to save face, and also salvage whatever is left of his career also took to social media, apologizing to the DJ he assaulted and all DJs as well. There was also a video put out in which Terry G visited Nigeria’s foremost Disc Jockey, DJ Jimmy Jatt and personally apologized to him, especially knowing the fact that the DJ he assaulted was Jimmy Jatt’s protégée.

Though all seems to have been settled with an official letter from the DJ association, stating that the embargo on his songs be lifted, I really wish Terry G bounces back from this and gets his groove back because if he doesn’t, well, he has none but himself to blame for his fortunes.

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