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Promoting Health and Local Agroproduce – Money Tree Team Wins Maiden Edition of “Fund Ya Hustle” Contest

Promoting Health and Local Agroproduce – Money Tree Team Wins Maiden Edition of “Fund Ya Hustle” Contest

Against all odds, is the summation of any success story in three words. Despite the existing challenges facing the average Nigerian citizen, there still exist tons of opportunities yet to be harnessed to create value and earn value for anyone who is willing to weather the storm, embrace the challenges and see the underlying avenues for wealth creation.

In line with the Fund Ya Hustle objective – to support and encourage Nigerian youths to create value as a means to attain socio-economic development, the first winner of the contest has emerged after a 2months period based on public votes to win the N100,000 step-up grant prize.

The Money Tree Team is an innovative venture that employs technology and the network marketing system to promote and market locally produced product via its virtual distributorship platform . Conceived by Olufemi Ogundimu, Its business system is designed to help Nigerians – budding entrepreneurs start their own business with low capital, without the need to worry about getting a shop, warehouse or store, as well as eliminate the worries about logistics or transportation.

Developed with the objective of creating a healthier and wealthier Nigeria, the venture is accessible to interested individuals across the 36 states including the FCT. Amongst one of its core target is to promote the production of Cocoa in Nigeria, thereby improving Internally generated Income for Nigeria, while Improving the standard of living of Nigerians.

The contest received major entries from Nigerian youths from various states and sectors of the economy, but mostly technology related. Other key contenders for the winning prize include:

Mr. Aloysius Ike of Single Click Nigeria – an Information and Communication Technology based business offering related solution / services to mid-range and large scale companies and cutting edge computer Education in Nigeria to develop the capacity of individuals and companies.

Cross-section of Finalists and Project Team
Cross-section of Finalists and Project Team

In a heavily competitive industry, the Single Click competitive edge is its offering of ICT services and education with simplicity making it easy for students and clients to comprehend the complexities in Information and Communication Technology. They also offer computer education in local languages to individuals in rural/urban areas.

Taking the second position is the Smart CBT e-exam software designed by Mr. Payne Adetoro, which is desktop based and requires no internet connection, expensive hardware for operation, or additional commercial software. The software automates all assessment phases: authoring, scheduling, delivering, and reporting.

Targeting educational institutions, Human Resource companies amongst others, the software solves the problem of exam malpractice, impersonation, reduction in cost of conducting examination and leakage of exam questions. Further inquiries can be made via their online platform – & Twitter: @Payne4real

Focusing on agriculture and food processing, Freshdew Honey and derivatives is the business initiative of Mr. Olumide Ogunbanjo, whose aim is to champion the availability of affordable and well packaged honey to reduce the instance of adulterated honey which largely available by marketers who are solely concerned with increased profits.

With the aspiration to provide natural honey in affordable units for domestic/household consumption in comparison to the branded, “certified “ and expensive honey, the Freshdew honey and derivatives is an initiative of IntAce Honey to support rural livelihood as honey is sourced majorly in the forests of the rural areas, as well as a healthier alternative to sugar.

As an integrated agro-company, one of its major accomplishment is the successful launch of MEDIC Honey – a specially produced  for the treatment of burns & wounds. To contact them, get in touch with them online

Progressively, the “Fund Ya Hustle” contest will reach out to street vendors, to encourage their dedication and value addition, in the hope to promote honest business endeavors.

To ensure sustainability of any economic advancement of societal reforms, requires tangible investment in socio-economic youth development, this the message of the contest to all key stakeholders, and to encourage the Nigerian youths to view themselves as brands and to work towards developing themselves worthy of investment.




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