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Olajumoke Orisaguna Decamps From Her Modelling Agency, Cites Incompetency As Reason

Olajumoke Orisaguna Decamps From Her Modelling Agency, Cites Incompetency As Reason

Apparently, Olajumoke Orisaguna’s lawyer, Olayemi Adesuyan has legally broken every tie the model has with FEW Model Management – the modeling agency that signed her on shortly after she was famously discovered by ace photographer Ty Bello.

According to Ono Bello, Jumoke is being moved to BETH Model Management which will be handling her portfolio from now. Ono Bello also reported that Jumoke’s lawyers cited incompetency on the part of FEW Model Management in handling the 27-year-old model’s portfolio as the reason for the decamping. They stated that FEW never got Jumoke any lucrative contract since they signed her on.

FEW Model Management was contacted to sign Jumoke who was buzzing when her story broke out. The agency was contracted to build on the publicity she generated, however, FEW has failed to fulfill that obligation.

Feathers were said to have been ruffled by this move by Olajumoke and her legal team; Ono Bello reported that there is some some underlying competition going on between the CEO of FEW- Bolajo Fawehinmi and CEO of BETH Elizabeth Elohor Aisien.

Olajumoke and her legal team seem to be more confident in the abilities and experience of BETH being that the agency has been in the modeling business for over 12 years as opposed to the one year FEW has been in the modeling business.

Olajumoke’s team also said the reason for the move is BETH’s experience with organizing the yearly Elite Model Look Competition that has put Nigerian models such as Chika Emmanuella, Mayowa Nicholas and Victor Ndigwe on international modeling runways.

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