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Geared Up! – Seizing the Future, Today

Geared Up! – Seizing the Future, Today

The narrative of the average Nigerian youth is one hounded by unemployment or under-employment as a result of less job opportunities for the ever increasing youth population, as well as minimal access to opportunities or poor availability of developmental resources to boost socio-economic empowerment.

The resultant effect of this reality is increase in crime rates, fraudulent activities, terrorism and general community retrogression in summary.

However, these challenges viewed through the right lens also present opportunities that if better harnessed can gradually and ultimately benefit the youth in terms of empowerment, as well as the nation at large.

Hence, we are Geared Up!

Changing the average Nigerian youth narrative
Seizing the Future Today!

OBJECTIVETo progressively change the average Nigerian youth narrative, through the creation of a viable platform to attract the right investor interest or entrepreneurial support by employing media and digital tools as well as fostering ideal collaborations for sustainability and overall socio-economic empowerment of our target beneficiaries.

PROJECT GOALS: As a roll-out, the Geared Up! Project hopes to achieve the following:

 Activate or access funding for 5+ viable businesses or ideas with clear capacity for sizeable job creation and revenue generation
 Attract positive attention for Nigerian youth entrepreneurial endeavors as well as existing challenges and opportunities
 Facilitate ideal collaborations and networking opportunities


ADVISORY BOARD: A versatile combination of prestigious personalities with wide expertise across several sectors and continents make up our advisory board, in order to ensure ideal implementation of the Geared Up! Initiative  to achieve set goals and objectives. MEET OUR BOARD

PROJECT TEAM: Geared Up! A Visionary Impact Netwox initiative, is powered by an alliance of enterprising and skilled youths with expertise in various fields, passionate about changing the status quo… MEET OUR CHANGE DRIVER’S TEAM

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