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Naija Got Talent! 5 Nigerian Techies Make it to the US GIST Semi-Finals |Lets Vote to get them in the Finals!

It is a known fact that Nigeria is full of entrepreneurial talents, and lately our technology entrepreneurs have started gaining international reach.

This year, 5 entrepreneurs from Nigeria have scaled through to the semifinals of the global GIST Tech-I competition with 102 others from 135 countries.

global innovation through science and technology_GISTThe GIST Tech-I competition is an annual science and technology entrepreneurship competition for innovators from emerging markets to gain visibility, mentorship, and funding. The competition is organized by the U.S. Department of State’s Global Innovation through Science & Technology (GIST) initiative and implemented by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

This 5 Nigerian entrepreneurs and their startups/ideas include:

Silas Okwoche (NerveFlo) – Video
Sector: ICT
Type: Startup
Nerve Mobile developed the frontier unified digital content distribution platform for Africa called NERVEFLO. NerveFlo is similar to iTunes or Amazon Digital, however, NerveFlo is a robust platform that allows African creators sell their e-books/music/movies/short-films etc directly to mobile & web consumers. NerveFlo’s platform and B2B2C marketplace was built to work brilliantly for emerging markets because it addresses the key bandwidth limitations and digital piracy limitations (via our patent pending FloPlay digital content protection algorithm) in these markets. NerveFlo focuses on on academic, religious & literary content from Africa.

Daniel Isa (AfriBotix) – Video
Sector: Agriculture
Type: Idea
Providing African Farmers (and farmers around the world) with cutting edge and low cost crop/livestock surveillance and monitoring technology.

Maxwell Chinnah (Genesys Cooker) – Video
Sector: Health Care
Type: Startup
We build efficient clean cookstoves that reduce smoke-pollution by 90%, and produce electricity from heat energy.

Destiny Fredrick (EcoFuture) – Video
Recyclable waste to energy
Sector: Environment
Type: Startup
EcoFuture is a social enterprise that helps waste recycling manufacturers tackles the challenges of accessing highly sorted quality recyclable waste at minimum cost. We increase our customer factory capacity by 40% and decrease their cost of production by at least 30%.

Nnenna Chioma Okoye (ResSpot) – Video
Sector: ICT
Type: Idea
ResSpot is an emergency response mobile app and wearable device that gives people access to public safety information and affordable personal security. Referred to as an Uber for personal security & public safety, ResSpot employs GPS technology, a team of private security partners, and crowdsourcing to send immediate emergency assistance. Users can also send and receive real-time emergency alerts and notify loved ones globally on the platform. To date, ResSpot has conducted over 100 customer interviews, have begun UI and UX design, prototyped wearable device, and identified 3 security partners for beta launch.

You can get more details of their innovative startup/ideas by watching their pitch videos at the GIST website – click here.

Voting is currently ongoing everyday from April 1st until May 1st 2016 to help determine the 30 finalists that will showcase and pitch at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES 2016) between June 23rd and 26th in Silicon Valley, California U.S.A.

Follow the steps below to vote
Log in/register at the GIST website here:
Then use this link to find all the Nigerian startup entries on one page
Finally, Click the “Select All” button, then click the “Batch Vote” button.

A notification will pop up thanking you for your vote and informing you that you can vote again in 24 hours. It will also inform you to vote for a country for next year’s bootcamp, please select “Nigeria” and vote.

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