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LET’S HEAR IT FOR X-BUSTA!!!!!!…. Showbiz Review by Chucks Asoegwu

LET’S HEAR IT FOR X-BUSTA!!!!!!…. Showbiz Review by Chucks Asoegwu

It is common knowledge that one of Nigeria’s biggest music labels, Five Star Music, is owned by Emeka Okonkwo, better known as E-Money. I mean, if you haven’t heard that name from the lips of praise singers then you must certainly have heard it in the intro of almost every song that drops under the label imprint.

Five Star Music is home to Limpopo crooner, Kingsley Okonkwo (better known as Kcee), Harrison Tare Okiri (better known as Mr.Songz) and Abbey Elias (better known as Skiibii Mayana or Swagger Lee of Africa….I reserve my comment on that!).

After Limpopo , Pull Over and a few other hits, Kcee, who is known to be Five Star’s leading act seems to have lost the formula that endeared him to thousands of music lovers in Nigeria, Africa and globally. His most recent releases: Talk and do and Bureau de change are very easily forgettable songs; definitely a far cry from the bangers he was known to churn out near-consistently which were capable of getting you off your seat and grooving to his amazing sounds. Kcee’s nyash has opened (figuratively speaking biko ooooo!!!!…Lawd knows I wouldn’t wanna see such a horror show) and his weak lyrics and one-dimensional style are now an open secret…story for a different day!

Harry, on the other hand, seems to have found his musical bearing lately as he stays steady dropping good songs that show his lyrical creativity and musical versatility as a vocalist and a musician in general. From beta pikin, Tele Mi to the massive banger he scored in Reggae Blues, Mr.Songz seems to have taken a huge grasp on his musical destiny at the perfect time, in the build up to the release of his sophomore album titled Spontaneous.

Our friend Skiibii, on the other hand, is more popular for his “death” and “resurrection” than for his music. Songs like Stay With Me, Sampu and most recently, Aye Mi have failed to catapult the budding artiste to the superstar level he so desperately seeks. He should devote more time to his music than spending time trying out weird hair styles, looking fly, colouring his lips pink and all the other shenanigans he gets up to on instagram.

And now, introducing…X-busta!.No, I am not referring to any brand of insecticide or rat killer. I am actually referring to Five Star Music’s latest signee.

Born Golden Chinedu Okafor in Lagos state on the 24th of February, 1994, X-busta is known for his love of rap music as a student of Imo State Federal University – where he attained the position of Director of Socials. He was previously signed to Valencia Records under which he dropped the singles, A Shot and Shomo.

Word from the grapevine has it X-busta met Kcee for the first time in 2012 but they lost contact and finally met again this year and was invited to perform at the annual Five Star Music Festival in Festac. It was during his performance that the label boss, E-Money, developed interest in the rapper, singer and songwriter and soon enough talks began about a record deal for the 22-year-old.

It is also said that the young rapper began his music career as a “studio rat” in Obalende where he mingled with the likes of Vector and General Pype before relocating to Owerri upon gaining admission into a tertiary institution to study Estate Management.

X-busta, like every other artiste, has his weak points as well as his strong points. Most notable of his weak point is the fact that by his sound, intonation, accent and flow, one could easily tell that the rapper is from the eastern part of the country which could make him lose favour with some people. He could use some help with his writing as well. A lot of his word play and punchlines are pretty lame and childish to say the least; so if he is to battle the likes of Vector, Olamide, MI and other lyrical wizards for Nigeria’s rap crown, he sure has his work cut out for him.

Finally, can someone please do something about his looks?????. X-busta obviously is not the most good-looking of guys but he certainly could look a lot more presentable at least. He needs a change of wardrobe and definitely a make-over with his hair. This is an industry where your looks speak for you even before your music sometimes, and he definitely can’t be going around looking like a poor man’s version of Xzibit, so let the good people at Five Star help him out with that.

As for X-busta’s strong points, which could ultimately be his edge over his rivals in the music game, top on his list of few strong points is his vibrant delivery on his songs-certainly qualities of a good performer. Little wonder E-Money fell in love with him. Also X-busta is young and doesn’t shy away from showing it at all. A look at his videos would give you the undeniable impression that this is a young man who is all about his art.

That said, I think X-busta can give a lot of rappers today a run for their money and if he works on his weaknesses as highlighted earlier, he could go on to do big things, especially with a platform like Five Star Music…good luck homie!


Written by Chuks Asoegwu – a political scientist by degree, Chuxxx is a writer, OAP, event host, lyricist, sports lover and radio junkie. You can connect with him on social media where he shares his “explicit” thoughts on issues spanning across entertainment, sports and politics.

Facebook: Chuks Asoegwu

Twitter: @chuks_ea


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