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Eyes on the Ball! 21 Key Principles For Success In Modern Times Part 1

Eyes on the Ball! 21 Key Principles For Success In Modern Times Part 1

“Success is simple, though it is not necessarily easy”. In every facet of life, there are principles and laws that guides its operation and the unique things about principles they are constant and are not time-bound.

Every great business owner has his or her own tips for success, but certain key principles are still consistent with all the tips from different business greats!


To be successful is work – modelling success and noting what works – in fact for some it is close to an OBSESSION!

21 principles have been compiled, but to shorten the read and give you in doses to help with digestion and practice, we have split them into parts, here are the first 5.

1) What You Focus On Is What You Get

Or put another way, Focus On What You Want, Not On What You Don’t.

If you focus on past failures or what is wrong with your life right now that is what you will create – more failure and regret!

But focus on something positive – having a successful business, achieving your goal – and that is what you will get!

And the number 1 enemy of business focus is: DISTRACTION

Just how much time per day do you waste on things not related to your purpose, your path? For most of us, it is far too much. In a world of Information Overload it is easy to get distracted with emails, pranks, viral videos, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Get yourself in the habit of asking – does this get me closer or further away from my goal? If it places you further away, stop doing it! In short, be clear with your purpose and focused on your dreams.

As Craig Ballantyne puts it…

Decrease the Daily Friction that steals your time: Do fewer chores. Cut your commute. Eliminate your obsessive time wasting habits. Plan your day. Script your schedule. Batch your work. Minimize your email. Go Device Free for 2 hours so you can think, and do a full day on weekends.

Open up more time for BIG thinking and taking action on what really matters in life.

And Winston Churchill put it perfectly…

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks”

Do not let information overload and modern day distractions distract your FOCUS!

2) Raise your Adversity Quotient!

In other words, the better your ability to handle adversity and the suck factor, the more you will succeed.

Accept that difficulties and challenges will happen. New products take longer to create than you planned, new websites are not ready when planned. These things happen and it is your ability to handle that determines your success or failure in the long term.

Will Smith also has a very wise observation for us…

“Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too”

3) The BIGGER the problem you solve – the bigger your reward

Or take an existing solution and turn it on its head like AirBnB and UBER have done!

Make sure the problem you solve is one that needs SOLVING and those who benefit, want it and will appreciate it (and pay for it).

But – don’t imagine a problem! Too many entrepreneurs invest time and money in creating a service or product there is no market for (or not a big enough market for). Do your market research and be very clear on who your customer is – and if that customer will pay for a solution like you are offering.

If you are a Blogger what will your blog offer that the many other blogs don’t. What makes you different?

4) Join a Mastermind

A Mastermind Group is for business owners who want to improve their business and who are willing to put the effort in. A Mastermind Group is not a Networking Group or A Coffee Club – it is for individuals who are serious about growing their business and who have the discipline to follow through.

5) Keep Close to Your Core Business

Now if you are the CEO and have even just a few employees, never mind 100’s or 1000’s it is easy to get isolated from the front line. One way to keep in touch is to periodically work in your service or support departments – even if it is only answering the phone for a couple of hours per month.

One of the few TV programs I enjoy is: Undercover Boss – It amazes me more and more bosses don’t go undercover. Always be asking questions of your employees, customers, suppliers – it is amazing what you will discover from the simple task of asking questions.

Your feedback will be appreciated in the comments section below…

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