Only certified Affiliates – Independent Marketers and Retailers who drive sales or purchase directly  products or services listed on the Affiliate store are entitled to commissions and discounts respectively.

Payment is made only when the amount earned is up to a minimum of N20,000 for the month. Also, bulk sales are encouraged to increase your earning capacity on the platform monthly.

The commission for every sale activated is 5% for physical product, 10% digital products and 8.5% for service referrals.

An Affiliate – Independent Marketer can increase their commission percentage based on their performance over a period of time.

Become an affiliate now – Sign Up here or send an email to or via the Contact Us page or directly via social media @234central

To access the chance of lifetime earnings for repeat customers/clients for 234central unique services send an email to with the Subject Title – Lifetime Affiliate Earnings for more info.


Affiliate Terms Summary – Click to Download Agreement

Independent Marketer:

–       Only fully activated sales will earn a commission. Follow up your referral till sale has been made.

–       Increase your earning by pushing bulk purchase.

–       Your referred customer must enter your unique Affiliate Code during purchase whether online or offline in order for the sale to be tracked to you and your commission duly allocated.

–       234Central Admin is the sole contact for sales referral made from our affiliate store, to ensure your commission.

–       Repeat earnings of 5% on a referred sale is only applicable to unique 234Central services, i.e if you refer a customer who uses any of our premium services, you will always earn as long as they renew their service contract with us. Check our service page for a list of our premium offerings.

–       Sales referral can also be processed offline, for Customers who are not e-commerce savvy, kindly notify and direct them to the 234Central Admin via email or phone number to finalize the sales process.


–       Earn discount on bulk-purchase where applicable

–       Earn commission as discount on sales activated but subject to the affiliate program payment terms