#NaijaUntapped – Providing Global Solutions, The Best Approach for Scaling-up Nigerian Start-ups 

Nigeria’s tech ecosystem is getting attention from within and outside Africa even though the ecosystem is less than a decade old. The successes of ecommerce giants, Jumia and Konga, were an eye opener to the potentials of the tech market in Nigeria yet few startups are profitable, very few are scaling up and expanding to other markets.

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WHO YOU EPP????!!!!!! – Naija Celebrity Status and Influence Review by Chuks Asoegwu

“Coming through (in through)…issue (issue)… pounds sterling la wa fi se tissue, married to the game Olorun mi kin sun, f**k my exes I don’t miss you, who you epp? (who you epp?) who you epp?(who you epp?), you don baff? (you don baff), who you serve?…”

Before you think I am trying to do my own cover of Olamide’s viral piece, “Who You Epp?”, let me just state unequivocally that this was the tune playing in my head as at the time I was writing and by the time you’re done reading this, you would understand that it fits the theme of this satirical piece; and quite aptly too I must add.

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