The 8 Secrets of Successful Idea Activation

It’s not the idea that makes you successful, it’s the execution, for Ideas are a dime a dozen.

Author, entrepreneur, athlete, and millionaire Richard St. John gave a very short three-minute TED talk about his list of eight traits that lead to success, which he gathered by interviewing 500 successful TED attendees over seven years:

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Digital Disruption, New Technology and African Opportunities

Africa as a continent is gaining a lot of spotlight with the western world peering in more than ever as before in the colonial days. The fact that Africa holds majority of the resources in the world is no longer news.

The question is how can Africa turn around this endowment including its populational resources to its own favour,beyound just waiting for foreign investment and “development”.

Technology is driving huge changes world over with China and Japan rising to gain economic relevance amidst power-countries. This can be same for Africa through technology, watch to gain better on the new direction of things…

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Inspiring 15 year old Angad Daryani Builds Eye-pad – Virtual Brailer For the Blind

Angad Daryani has been called a number of things: child prodigy, little genius, the inspiring teenager, but he can best be described by one word—Maker. He quit school in 9th grade to teach himself the art of science and was home schooled by teachers who focus on hands on learning.

Angad has always been passionate about building things, from improvising already existing software to making custom hardware. This one-man-army built at the age of 13 Rep Raps  and supplies to prestigious institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, where he is also currently doing research on Desktop Prototyping with Tree Labs.

His passion for building things led to the invention of Virtual Brailler, a device that converts digital text from Roman to braille in real time to give tactile braille feedback to the tracked finger of a visually challenged person. This low cost ebook reader for the blind is a revolutionary product that could make books accessible to millions of people who currently depend on time-consuming methods like getting braille books printed or unintuitive methods like text-to-speech.

This project was developed in collaboration with other engineers and designers at the DIY Workshop, Hyderabad, and the team plans to take it forward, so that they could help blind people know the joy of paperless reading through open source.

15 year-old Angad’s love for aquatic animals led him to name his DIY Kits company, Shark Kits, whose open source kits are available for Indian enthusiasts at reasonable prices.

Watch his 2013 TEDx presentation: