#MyNaijaInspiration – The $24 Million Investment by Mark Zuckerberg and the Success Story That is ANDELA

Last week was a huge milestone for African startups. A company jointly founded in Nigeria and the U.S. is getting a significant investment and attention from Mark Zuckerberg — one of the most important people in Silicon Valley. During such a pivotal moment, it is important for me to share Andela’s history and inspire many other entrepreneurs through my story of failure, success and collaboration....

10 Success-Life Skills You Wont Learn At School (Part 1)

If an academic qualification is all it takes to succeed in life, then more people would be rich, happy and successful in the world today. You and I know this is not the case. Success in the real world requires much more than the things we were taught in school. The purpose of education is to provide enlightenment and equip us with the knowledge and skills we need to make a living and succeed in the real world. This is why most parents would sacrifice anything to give their children the best education so they can have a fighting chance in the real world. The evidence around us suggests that MBAs and PhDs are not ultimate guarantees to success. In fact, most of the world’s founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs are less known for their academic success. A few interesting examples that come to mind are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Aliko Dangote and a...

Nigerian and Female!  Pearlena Igbokwe Becomes The President of Universal Television!

#MyNaijaInspiration -

Pearlena Igbokwe has been named the President of Universal Television, a subsidiary of National Broadcasting Cable (NBC), Universal Television Group. The Nigerian-born veteran Executive Producer is not only believed to be the first ‘Igbo’ to head a major US television studio, but also the first African-American female to assume the position. (more…)