The 8 Secrets of Successful Idea Activation

It’s not the idea that makes you successful, it’s the execution, for Ideas are a dime a dozen.

Author, entrepreneur, athlete, and millionaire Richard St. John gave a very short three-minute TED talk about his list of eight traits that lead to success, which he gathered by interviewing 500 successful TED attendees over seven years:

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Statr-up Tips: Gain More Insight About Your Target Customers With These Online Tools

In this age of technology and information, people have access to more data than ever before. For entrepreneurs, the ability to accurately interpret datasets to gain meaningful insight about consumer behavior can be vital to scaling a business. So, with the seemingly infinite amount of information out there, where does one begin? Google tools are here to help.

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Fuelling Your Ambition – 20 Inspirational Quotes from Africa’s Richest

One stop on the road to attaining a billion-dollar fortune is to seek advice at the feet of those who have already attained it. And while it might be difficult to get face time with some of Africa’s richest people, you can learn a lot from their words of wisdom.

In the spirit of self-motivation, here are 20 inspirational quotes from a few members of Forbes’ list of 50 Richest Africans.

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10 Ways to Keep Your Hustle Alive While Living in Nigeria

First let me paint you a picture – imagine the Don DoroBucci himself @DonJazzy spending sleepless nights in the studio to produce a beat for a hit single, or Kaffy the Dance Queen, working out non-stop, practicing dance routines for different music videos and performance or Africa’s richest man – Aliko Dangote having late hour meetings, spending time reading investment and financial materials. What unifies all these people is the Hustle! It gives you drive and keeps you going!

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