Single Click Nigeria

Single Click Nigeria is an Information Technology (I.T.) organization offering I.T. services and cutting edge computer Education in Nigeria. Since inception, we provide enterprise Information & Communication Technology (I.C.T.) solutions/services to mid range and large scale companies as well as develop capacity of individuals and companies in I.C.T.

Business Category: Information and Communication Technology

MoneyTreeTeam is a Virtual distributorship platform developed upon a Locally produced product, designed to help Nigerians, Budding Entrepreneurs start their own business with low capital, without the need to worry about getting shop, warehouse or store or even worry about logistics or transportation.

MoneyTreeTeam – is expanding rapidly throughout Nigeria, open for business for all the 36 states, successfully helping Nigerians to start and build Distributorship Business of their own with very Little Capital – while creating a Healthier and wealthier Nigeria remains our objective.

Business Category: Health/Wellness

Eazy Technology

My project encompasses using in formation technology to impact positively to the society and environment i find myself.It actually involves training of the youths and young minds alike on using technology to solve problems which spans to It support services like installations,repairs,maintenance,services of computers,blogging,website design,printer,scanner and other peripheral installation and services. Its all about being a role model to the youths in diaspora.

Business Category: Technology Services




Category: Online Sport News Website

FreshDew Honey & Derivatives

Natural honey has very many uses, it is medicinal, helps in healing of wounds and it’s a healthy alternative to sucrose (Sugar). intAce Honey is a multifloral natural honey source directly at dedicated bee farms pre-established on a total of 15 acres forestland . Our near-nature farm is carefully planned with fruity trees : Eucalyptus, Citrus & Cashew and other fruity crop plants : pineapple, pawpaw and mango. These fruity plants encourages good population of bees within the farm and ensures a unique taste,which distinguishes our brand.

Category: Agriculture

Fund Ya Hustle – N100,000 Grant and Business Support For Nigerian Start-ups

Do you have a social-impact project, business or innovative start-up that has already been developed and can benefit from a grant of a ₦100,000 to help step-it up to the next level? Then enter in for the “Fund Ya Hustle” Contest, powered by

As Nigeria’s No 1 online social-support space, it is our belief that ideologies need to be funded to take root. In a country where stomach infrastructure is a major factor, it is only necessary that we fan the flames and sparks ignited in the hearts of the Nigerian youth.

We are committed to developing initiatives to provide a support mechanism, in a bid to encourage the dreams and aspirations of our fellow Nigerian youths, as well as drive in others the nation-building spirit, that thrives on seeking out needs and developing solutions either as a business venture, technology innovation or a community impact project with minimal or no financial implications for the target audience.

The Contest

Fund Ya Hustle is a three staged contest scheduled to run for a period of 2 months.

Stage 1: Application – 3 weeks

  • Verified members download the application form or fill it online to be submitted within 3weeks of the contest launch.
  • Interested contestants need to provide proof of their project, a guarantor and must be a project or business already developed – the fund isn’t to sponsor projects in idea stage.
  • Applicants must provide a project requirement statement: this is a brief of what the money will be used for.
  • Applicant must outline how his/her project contributes to nation-building or development.

Stage 2: Verification and selection – 2 weeks

  • The panel will verify all applications to guarantee the existence of the project and integrity of the applicants. Thus entries that are not verifiable would be disqualified.
  • Applicants must be owners of the project and cannot apply on behalf of another person.

Stage 3: Voting – 3 weeks

  • Selected contestants will be contacted and their project request stated published on the platform for voting.
  • Voting is open to only registered members thus contestants can increase their chances of winning by signing up voters on the platform to vote for them.
  • Selected contestants are to campaign for votes, as the highest votes wins.

Prizes & Benefits

  • N100,000 step-up cash prize for 1 winner
  • PR/markting support for top 5 entries across 234central affiliate & media partner platforms
  • Consultancy/ mentoring support for top 5 entries

Eligibility: to participate in the contest

  • Contestants must be verified members of and followers on social media
  • Entries will be received only from Nigerians resident in Nigeria between the ages of 16 to 35 years of age.
  • The project entry for the contest must be solution oriented, have progressive community impact in-terms of development and sustainable.
  • Contestants must be willing and available to be monitored for a period of 3months as well as submit investment and impact reports for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Must provide 2 credible guarantors with letters showcasing their knowledge of your project.
  • Applications are open to sectors both for-profit and non-profit.

Employees and Affiliates of are not eligible to participate in the contest

Judging Criteria

The jury will select finalists and winners using the following criteria:

  • Quality of the entry and proven existence of the project
  • Potential for (social) impact and market viability
  • Innovative factor
  • Potential for sustainability: likeliness that the project can be sustained and continue to have significant impact beyond the lifetime of the competition
  • Align with the vision of and Visionary Impact Netwox

How to Apply

The application process is simple:

  1. Complete the online entry form
  2. Fill and submit the form before 20th of October, 2015 deadline

Schedule for the presentation of prize will be communicated duly.

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How To Start Your Own Fashion Store?

Are you interested in making a living as a fashion store owner? If you are, you are definitely not alone. In the United States and all around the world for that matter, there are many individuals who dream of running and operating their own fashion store. Unfortunately, many believe that dream is one that is too difficult to become a reality. Yes, it may be a little bit difficult for you to get to a successful fashion store up and running, but it is more than possible to do.

The good thing about running a fashion store is that you have a number of different options. One of your options is your location. There are many individuals who choose to run a business out of a storefront location, others who choose to run an online fashion store, and others who choose to do both. If you are able to score a prime business location, it may be profitable for you to have a storefront location. However, it is also important to mention that many individuals are now deciding to do their shopping online; therefore, you may want to take that into consideration as well.

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How To Choose The Perfect Fashion Store?

Are you interested in revamping your wardrobe? If you are looking to update the clothing or clothing accessories that you own, you may be interested in incorporating some of the latest fashion trends into your wardrobe. If you are, you will need to find a fashion store to shop at.

When it comes to finding a fashion store to shop at, you have a number of different options. Before examining those options, you need to remember that fashion stores are operated in both storefront locations and online. If you are looking for an online fashion store, you may want to think about performing a standard internet search. If you are looking for a storefront store to shop at, you may want to think about visiting your local shopping mall, using your local phone book, or using online business directories.

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What is So Alluring About Celebrity Fashion?

Do you have a favorite movie star or television star? If you do, have you ever wondered what their personal life was like? If you have, you are definitely not alone. In today’s society, it seems as if many individuals are interested in knowing the latest news or gossip surrounding today’s most popular stars. In addition to who is dating who, a focus is also placed on celebrity fashions. In fact, where are many out there who wish that they could dress and look like one of their favorite celebrities. While this feeling is quite common, it often leaves many others wondering why.

When it comes to examining the celebrity fashion phenomenon it is actually difficult to come up with an answer as to why it is so popular. Different individuals like to look and dress like celebrities for different reasons, some of which are easier to explain than others. Just a few of the many reasons why the celebrity fashion phenomenon has gained such a following are touched on below.

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