234Central.com is a “social-support” skills and business community created to provide a collaborative online platform for enterprising, creative and trendy Nigerian youths to CONNECT:: SHARE::ACHIEVE

What You Can Do on 234Central

  • Create a social account, upload your resume (create a skills’ profile), share your thoughts on forum topics and connect with like minds
  • List your brand for free and increase your reach
  • Earn money as an affiliate helping other members achieve business growth or set goals
  • Find skilled individuals or service providers within your budget
  • Find updates on trendy issues and opportunities for your personal or business development
  • Expand your marketing reach and activate sales through the affiliate program
  • Access cost-effective business support services
  • Source quality products and services via the platform
  • Find full-time or freelance opportunities and earn value for your skill


234CENTRAL.com is an initiative of Visionary Impact Netwox – a social enterprise developed to advance socio-economic empowerment for youth and women, as well as provide business support services for SMEs, start-ups and relevant organisations.

234Central Goals:


  • To serve as a virtual collaborative centre that will foster the development of value-oriented ideas and initiatives by community members
  • Drive youth empowerment through skills development, access to resources and opportunity updates
  • Drive job creation by providing growth support for SMEs and start-ups within our community
  • Facilitate recruitment and exposure for skilled members to earn value
  • Facilitate apprenticeship and internship placement opportunities
  • Drive business growth by providing access to cost-effective business support services and skilled individuals within a “budget”

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