Scale-Up Base is an economic empowerment initiative that thrives on the ideology that “Personal and Business growth is a collaborative effort.”


To leverage the power of technology and community collaboration, to drive sustainable business growth as well as create economic empowerment opportunities for all members.


  • Drive sales activation and marketing for businesses
  • Create jobs by facilitating access to quality service providers and skilled persons (employees, freelancers etc)
  • Drive skills development through internship / vocational placement collaborations amongst members – companies / businesses and youth members.


  • Enterprising and skilled youths
    • Convert your skills and time into income (jobs and commissions)
    • Access updates on opportunities, trends and resources

Become an Independent Marketer / See Affiliate Terms

  • Start-ups and SMEs (all within Your Budget)
    • Access Skilled personnel (employee / freelancer)
    • Drive marketing and sales activation
    • Activate product/service distribution
    • List your brand for free
    • Access discounted business-support services (limited to premium clients)

Contact within to activate

  • Retailers & Consumers
    • Source quality products and services
    • Earn bulk purchase discounts where available

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Through our innovative system, we can increase:

  • beneficiary reach,
  • audience engagement and
  • business system management.

However, our service activities are not restricted to the online space but also feature an offline component through networking events and sales outreach.



  • Affiliate Program: referral and word-of-mouth marketing are proven marketing strategies that continue to yield result. The affiliate program is a symbiotic approach to drive sales for interested member brands in exchange for a commission; thus providing avenue for revenue generation and business growth for all stakeholders.


  • Business Boost: as a social enterprise, we provide business support services, as well as collaborate with other business-service brands to provide our target audience with cost-effective and affordable services. This package includes:
    • PR and Brand Communications Management
    • Brand-specific Marketing and Sales Activation
    • Business Strategy Consultancy
    • Project Development and management
    • Advertising Services
      • Digital advertising
      • Social campaigns
      • Offline advertising
      • Cluster Audience Targeting – CAT
    • Associate Services
      • Web Design and Development
      • Graphics and Animations design
      • Branding & Production Services
      • Accounting and Tax Management
      • Digital Services