234CENTRAL.com is designed to serve as an access point for cost-effective business support services as we believe that thriving businesses boost the economy as well as create jobs, which is one of our goals.

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Value Offering


  • Join our Scale-Up Base Affiliate Program to help drive business growth and activate sales. At a token commission / fee, outsource your marketing and sales to our network of “Independent Marketers” | Send an email to support@234central.com with the Title – Scale-Up Base Inquiry for more info or use the Contact Us page or directly via social media @234central


Business Support Services

  • Marketing and Brand Communications (online and offline)
    • Online marketing
    • Affiliate marketing – sales activation
    • Marketing strategy development and activation
    • Brand promotion and online management
  • PR and Advertising
    • Online advertising & Advert placement
    • Offline C.A.T (Cluster Audience Targeting)
    • Press promotion
    • Flier distribution
  • Product and Service Sourcing
  • Product & Content Distribution (including digital)
  • Recruitment and Project Management

Associate Services

As a network we are in collaboration with several Service Partner Brands to provide “cost-effective” affordable services for interested members:

  • Web Design and Development
  • Graphics and Animations design
  • Branding & Production Services
  • Accounting and Tax Management
  • Digital Services

To get our service rates and e-brochure, send an email to [email protected] or via the Contact Us page or directly via social media @234central